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Let them eat cake?

Who: Jack, Demelza, Vaisey and Lucas
Where: Kitchens
When: Friday afternoon [backdated]
Rating: PG

"So...about Katie's party..." Jack said, through a mouthful of food. He had actual ideas to suggest, but right now it was a bit difficult to communicate. "So...um..." Going to the kitchens had been a great idea. It was hard for him to sulk when surrounded by desserts.

"Can you think of where we should throw it? Because I don't think the Common Room is a good place if we're to have alcohol on us. But... Swallow first, for Merlin's sakes."

Jack weighed up his desire to talk versus his desire to continue eating. Dessert won out. Consequently, it was a while before he said anything.

"But where else can we hold a party?" he wondered. "Unless we snuck out of the grounds, or something. But that's pretty much impossible with Umbitch sniffing around, isn't it?"

Resting her chin on arm, Demelza sighed. "It'll have to be a small party, then. Usually, I'd say we throw something in my dorm - but then you wouldn't be able to come. And what with Leanne," here she shuddered. Waking up to the sight of a bloke in Leanne's bed and Leanne herself no where to be found had NOT been the most pleasant start to the day. "What with Leanne turned Leo or whatever she - er, HE, calls her-HIMSELF now. Anyway," she shook her head as though trying to shake away bad thoughts, "you get the point."

"Maybe I could fly up the stairs," Jack suggested with a grin.

Demelza frowned. "No."

"Spoilsport." Jack remembered to wipe his mouth. "We could throw something in my dorm. You'd all be able to come. Course that means I might have to clean up."

"I don't see a problem with that plan," she conceded, ignoring his prior remark. "Except for, how do we keep Oakby out?"

"We tie him up and shove him a cupboard!" Jack's eyes practically glittered with enthusiasm.

Demelza had to bite her tongue to keep herself from laughing at that. And she refused to laugh at anything Jack said for - well, for as long as she could. "I think not," she replied at last, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

"Why not? You don't have to do it personally. You'll just turn up and Oakby won't be there. And you'll be like 'where's oakby?' and I'll be like 'oh, that's all taken care of, Miss.'"

"But then I'll know you've done it, and if anyone asks me, it's too serious a matter to lie!" Demelza argued back.

"Who's lying about what?" asked Vaisey. He had unexpectedly and quietly turned up with Luke- er, Lulu, in that sneaky way that Slytherins often do. He couldn't help overhearing Demelza. Lie? Gryffindors? Surely not. His curiosity was piqued.

"Sloper, cut me a slice of cake, would you? I'd do it myself, but," Luke in his female body pointedly looked down at his nails and then held them out. "They've just been manicured, and I don't remember if I'm supposed to touch anything yet."

Demelza stared for a moment at Urquhart, before blinking her eyes and turning to Vaisey. "I'm not lying about anything," she smiled briefly. "Because there won't be anything to lie about, right Jack?"

"Of course not," said Jack brightly, fighting the urge to stab Vaisey with a fork. "How was your little study session?" He ignored Urquhart completely.

Study session? Ah. Sloper must be referring to yesterday when he looked over Robins's homework. It hadn't taken long. The silly girl was smarter than she gave herself credit for, Vaisey had discovered.

"It went well," he said mildly, not bothering to say any more.

"Well, clearly I'm still alive," Demelza added dryly.

Lucas' gaze shifted, alternating between each of the three parties. "There was a study session?"

"No," replied Vaisey. "Robins here just asked me to check over her astronomy homework," he explained. "Sloper is exaggerating, as usual."

Ok, now Jack really wanted to stab Vaisey. "Don't you two have anywhere else to be?" he grumbled, guarding his cake jealously. "We're having a private chat. Shoo."

Lucas beamed at Jack. "What, leave the company of someone as handsome as you, Sloper? So what's all this hush hush about, eh?"

"Stuff that doesn't concern you," Jack muttered. "Find your own table."

"But this one's got the chocolate cake on it."

Demelza rubbed her forehead. "Is he always like this?" she asked Vaisey.

"Pretty much," answered Vaisey. "Sloper, if you just gave us half of that cake we'll be on our way," he added. "I say it's a sensible deal."

Jack didn't think so. "You could get the House Elves to make you another," he said stubbornly.

"But if we did that, you'd have to put up with us longer," Lucas snapped. He was really getting tired of this charade, and as amusing as it was to have found himself in the body of a pretty girl - he would have very much liked to have been himself, so any threats about punching Sloper might have had a little bit more valid intimidation behind them.

Jack finally relented. Perhaps it was the glare he got from Demelza. He reluctantly cut a third out of the cake, whacked it onto another plate and shoved it over at the two Slytherins.

"Fine. Now go away. We're planning a party."

"Party?" Lucas looked across at Demelza and winked. Undeterred by the fact that she rolled her eyes right back, he grinned. "But I like parties. Who's is it?"

Vaisey sighed. He did not like parties, and if he knew Lucas, he knew Lucas would be trying to plan an appearance. "I imagine it'd be for one of their Gryffindor friends," he mused.

Jack glared. He had inadvertently let the cat out of the bag again. "Who cares, you're not invited."

"It's for Katie," Demelza clarified, glaring at Jack once again. This would have been an opportune moment for him to have his mouth stuffed full of dessert again, but she kept this thought to herself. "It's her birthday today, and I'm sorry, but it's only a small event."

Jack's fork fell out of his mouth when he opened it in shock. "Why are you sorry? They wouldn't have been invited even if it was a large event," he protested.

"Why not? Because they're Slytherins?" Demelza demanded. Privately, she agreed, but she wasn't about to admit that right now.

Jack was just smart enough not to fall for that one, again. "No...because they're Urquhart, arrogant jerk extraordinaire, and Vaisey, boring as hell."

Vaisey blinked. He didn't care a whit about being invited to parties, but even he was rankled by Jack's description. "We've never had a conversation, Sloper," he said smoothly. "You cannot take absense of conversation as proof that said conversation would be boring, were it to ever happen."

Lucas was severely pissed off now. Crossing his arms he frowned. "Robins, make the twit stop speaking now."

"That's it," Demelza said suddenly. "Jack, don't be an arse. Vaisey, I'm sorry - you're not boring. Urquhart, you ARE being a jerk right now. And all of you? I'm leaving."

And the three boys were suddenly left on their own. That was a little awkward.



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