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Who: Melinda and Leanne (YAY FOR MYSTERY LOGS!)
Where: Library
When: Tuesday Afternoon [backdated LIKE WHOA]
Rating: PG


Leanne stopped to tie her shoelace. She grumbled, as she was late and the last thing she needed was more distractions, but eventually reasoned that it would be better to waste a few seconds to do this than to trip and fall on her face.

Besides, she wasn't looking forward to this. Of all the people to be partnered with for a Divination assignment, why on Earth did she have to work with Melinda Bobbin? Granted, she never did her any harm, and being related to Demelza gave her some positive points in Leanne's book, but she still acted snotty around her, goodness knows why. Maybe it was a Slytherin thing?

Adjusting her backpack, which was bursting at the seams with cloths and rags for her upcoming Christmas projects, she got up and ran as fast as she could until she found the library, stopping only when she was inside.

"I'm here," she panted, sitting next to the Slytherin girl. "Sorry I'm late."

Melinda had been flipping through a new book on Herbology she'd received by owl that morning when Leanne appeared. She hadn't been surprised when her Gryffindor partner had not arrived on time. Leanne was one of Demelza's perky, cute, bouncy roommates and-- while she wasn't nearly as annoying as Katie Bell-- Melinda didn't have much time for her. Almost as little time as she had for Divination, actually.

"It's fine," Melinda answered her, though her raised eyebrow implied that maybe it was less fine then her voice let on. "Did you bring your notes?"

"Yeah, I've got them right here," Leanne answered, unaware of the Slytherin girl's hidden annoyance. She opened her backpack and removed some rolls of parchment, underneath some green fabric and purple glittery yarn.

Melinda looked at the colourful, glittery mess that was contained in her partner's bag and rubbed her forehead. It was going to be a long afternoon, she could tell already.

"I managed to get in some fairly good notes, I think. Despite Trelawny's heightened twittiness due to Umbridge," Mel did not particularly care for either of the two professors. Though one seemed harmless, at least.

Leanne frowned at Melinda's use of the word "twittiness." She adored Trelawney, though she had to admit it was more because she was a source of entertainment than because of her teaching abilities.

"Poor Trelawney is having a hard time. That big toad had no right to do something like that."

Melinda raised an eyebrow. Trelawney was having a 'hard time' because she was an old phony. Much though she disliked Umbridge she found The Divination professor's desperate attempts at credibility when the High Inquisitor was in the room fairly entertaining. She decided not to say so as it might cause Leanne to twitter about how wrong she was. She settled for a simple, "If you say so."

"I do say so! I mean, old Sibby might be a quack, but she's our quack, you know?" She closed her bag and dropped it on the floor. "Next thing you know, she'll take away Hagrid as well."

"I'd rather not count her as mine, thank you," Melinda said dryly, "And I don't think the Headmaster would stand for the creature getting rid of Hagrid."

Leanne tried hard not to pout, as the tone the Slytherin girl was employing annoyed her.

"There's a lot of things Dumbledore wouldn't stand but which she has managed to get away with. Hopefully Hagrid won't be one of them, but I'm really not so sure."

"It's not as if there is anything we can do about it if she does decide to send Hagrid, or anyone else, away," Melinda sounded annoyed. "We just have to accept the decisions she makes, even if we don't agree with them."

Leanne was getting equally annoyed. Maybe it was the Gryffindor in her, maybe it was the stubbornness that plagued all Mallorys, or maybe it was the fact that she'd been around the Weasley twins for too long, but she could't conceive how anyone could think something like this.

"Well, I can't accept this," she said, a childish pout finally on her lips.

"Well I'm sorry for you then," Melinda drawled. "It must be terribly unsatisfactory. Look, most people aren't nice, most people aren't good, they just are. That's the way the world works."

Melinda knew a fair amount about people who weren't nice and good. She'd been raised by two of them. But she wasn't inclined to tell Leanne, or anyone, about that. The last thing she needed was some Gryffindor deciding she needed a hug.

It seemed to Leanne that Bobbin Logic just didn't match Earth Logic.

"So, in your opinion, Umbridge just is?" she asked.

"I'm not saying she's lovely," the Slytherin answered, "Or even that I like her. I'm just saying that people-- and, yes, Umbridge is a person-- tend not to be the kindest, most loving creatures. She's just a particularly interesting specimen."

The concept of Umbridge as a person made the Gryffindor snort. "She's a twisted, sadistic, megalomaniac cow. I wouldn't call that interesting."

"To each their own," Melinda shrugged. "Personally, I think twisted and sadistic is more interesting than batty and fraudulent. Not the kind of person I'd like to cuddle necessarily, but interesting to observe."

Leanne looked at the Slytherin girl as if she had just grown an extra ear right in the middle of her forehead.

"Observe? Are you mental? We should avoid this type of people - or at least have the locked up somewhere. Azkaban sounds like a good place."

Melinda rolled her eyes and shook her head. Gryffindors.

"You can't send someone to Azkaban for passing rules you don't like, or giving your favourite professor a hard time. Your desire to fix everything is making ME tired, aren't you exhausted?"

"Not really," Leanne replied, crossing her arms and suppressing an enormous urge to add something else. She looked at Melinda for a few seconds, before being unable to keep it to herself any longer. "Aren't you tired?"

"I think I already said you were making me so," the Slytherin girl replied. Then added with a sigh, "Why do you ask?"

"I ask because I wasn't talking about me. I know I make you tired, but what about you? Don't you make yourself tired?"

"Not unless I'm exerting myself more than usual, no," Melinda drawled. "I lead a fairly even and straightforward kind of life."

Leanne couldn't help but snort at this. "More like you're trying to live in a glass dome. Not letting yourself get affected by anything or anyone... That's probably the loneliest and most tiresome thing I can imagine."

"Oh, because you know me so well?" Melinda replied, icily. "Just like a Gryffindor, thinking they know everything about everyone."

Melinda was hardly going to sit around while Demelza's roommate made obnoxious, and more importantly insightful, accusations about the way she interacted with the world. So what if she lived in a glass dome? If Leanne had a family like hers she probably would too. But Mel's first instinct when someone started in on her about this sort of thing was to run. She started gathering her things and placing them back into her bag.

"I think we should each do half the project and then we can put them together at a later date."

Growing up with Lloyd, Leanne was used to such outbursts so, apart from nearly jumping at the derogative way the Slytherin talked about her house, she just stayed exactly where she was.

"Did I touch a nerve?"

"Hardly," was the even reply, Melinda forced herself to regain her composure. Letting the Gryffindor rile her, or know she had, was NOT something she had any interest in. "It just doesn't seem likely we're going to get anything done in a pair, does it? I'm just being logical."

"Getting up the way you just did sounded more emotional than logical to me." Leanne gave her a huge smile. "You know, I think there's still hope for you, Bobbin."

"Oh, thanks Mallory, I'm so glad you think so," Melinda bit out sarcastically. And then, before the Gryffindor could decide to make Melinda her next project or something equally horrifying, Mel exited the library.

Leanne stared at the door for a few seconds, her smile getting wider and wider. Melinda Bobbin was obnoxious and seemed to possess the same charm and people-pleasing talents as Merton Graves - but, unlike Graves, she could be riled up and was capable of outbursts. This sounded like the perfect experiment...



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