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Who: Katie and Adrian, plus OCs Ella Pucey, Rora Bell and Augie Bell
Where: The Weird Sister's Concert
When: Sunday Night
Rating: PG- for zomg-what-the-hell-are-they-on-about-and-why-do-they-still-sound-so-cute?!love


Adrian wasn't sure who's idea it was to put a disco ball above the crowd at a Wizarding Rock concert, but whoever it was, they were either completely tasteless, completely insane. Or attempting to claim some kind of avante garde.

"Hello, earth to Adrian!" Ella shouted, waving a hand fervently in front of his face. She pointed towards the stage. "The Weird Sisters are over there, honey. I know it's hard to work out, but you have to believe me on this one."

He smiled back and held his tongue.

"Is that Capper over there?" Ella suddenly asked, pointing in the opposite direction, towards the bar. "With Diggory Robins?! Now, that's front page news."

Interest mildly piqued, Adrian threw a glance over his shoulder. "No, I think it's his twin."

"Salazar, identical twins do my head in."

Mine too, Adrian thought darkly, being suddenly reminded of Fred Weasley.

"I see Katie Bell! Come on, we have to say hello!"

It wasn't even half a moment later before he found himself suddenly being dragged across the floor, his protestations lost amidst the squealing and screaming of his nearest neighbours.

"Have another sip, Katie," Rora Bell's eyes were twinkling as she held the flask of firewhiskey towards her just barely of age cousin. Katie's birthday had been two days before, and Augie and Rora were determined to get her tipsy for the first time.

"No thanks," Katie replied, shaking her head. She'd had a few sips, but she was enjoying her evening too much to ruin it by getting silly.

"Hey," her tall, blonde, male cousin Augie cut in, "Isn't that the boy we met at the match yesterday? The one the Great Prats couldn't stop glaring at?" Katie's head whipped around at that, sure enough Adrian Pucey was standing not to far away with his own cousin, Ella.

"Yea," was her oh-so casual response. Her older, wiser cousins exchanged a look. They'd thought so.

"He seems like a nice boy, and he's very good looking," Rora said innocently.

"Yea, not bad for a Slythergit," Augie added.

"He's alright," Katie kept her eyes firmly on the stage. Adrian was actually really nice, and really handsome, and a great Quidditch player. But he also seemed to like Melinda Bobbin. AND she wasn't about to admit any of this.

"You blushing, Tink? Do you like him?" Augie grinned.

"What?! NO!" though she felt the blood rush to her cheeks even as she said it.

"That's too bad, since he seems to be being dragged in this direction," was Rora's smug reply.

"Hello! Hi! Katie! How are you? How've you been since yesterday? Not depressed the Magpies beat the Arrows, are you? Adrian said it was a very - wait," Ella paused and turned to her cousin. "Why am I speaking for you?"

"Because you haven't learnt to shut up," Adrian replied dryly. And then had to repeat himself because the lead guitarist had begun a rather complicated and frightfully loud riff.

"Oh. Well, I'm completely parched, so I'm going to get a drink. I'll be back when I'm back! See you!" Ella shouted, disappearing through the crowd.

"Wait!" Adrian sighed and rubbed his forehead. "She's going to be the death of me one day," he stated matter-of-factly.

"Oh, she's lovely, really," Katie smiled, amused by Ella's antics.

"She seems it," Augie added teasingly, "So lovely in fact that I think I'd like to get to know her better, plus I'm thirsty. Be back shortly," he shot Katie a wink as he walked away, making her blush return.

"I..." Katie wasn't really sure what to say to that.

"Don't worry, Tinkerbell," Rora grinned. "I'll make sure he behaves. What's a maiden sister for if not to keep her rakish brother from having any fun at all?"

And then she disappeared after the two blondes who had gone before her. Katie rubbed her forehead and wished she'd taken another sip of the firewhiskey after all.

"We've got mad relations," she commented, rather awkwardly. "I'm not depressed, by the way, about the match, I mean. I enjoyed it, it was close."

"I'm sorry about Ella. She seemed so excited about going to the concert, and all she's done since is flit from one person to another - I'm starting to wonder why we skipped out on the Christmas party if she just wanted to socialise. And the Arrows played really well - their Chasers are pretty fantastic." But the Magpies' Seeker is better, he added mentally. It wasn't a malicious statement, but certainly not tactful. "So," he gestured towards the band, "are you a fan?"

"Aren't they? I love watching them work together. Ange, Ali and I ought to study them more. But, your Seeker is better, there is no denying that," Katie wasn't opposed to admitting the truth about her Quidditch team and it's weaknesses. She knew she was babbling a bit, but she couldn't seem to help it. She was nervous, which was dumb. Dumb, dumb, dumb. She shrugged in response to his question about the Weird Sisters, "I suppose. I like them. Rora is the fanatic, I'm just along for the ride. You?"

"Same boat," Adrian shrugged. "No really, do I look like the kind of guy who secretly habours a crazed admiration for the Weird Sisters?" he asked with a small smirk.

"Well, you never can tell with you Slytherins," Katie smirked back, her eyes laughing. "You are all masters of deceit and deception after all."

"Maybe we just need a little reformation," he replied, not really thinking about what he was saying. "I couldn't really say what sort of music I do like. But it isn't the Weird Sisters, exactly. And it's certainly not Celestina Warbeck. That d'Eath guy doesn't cut it either," he mused, making a face towards the end in regards to the soppy, and in his opinion, rather creepy, part-vampire.

"Oh really?" Katie answered, interest piqued, "Shall I reform you, then? Since I'm a paragon of good, obviously. And, I absolutely agree. How Demelza listens to d'Eath I'll never know. And even my mother won't listen to Celestina Warbeck."

"That'll be an interesting venture. I'm a Slytherin - thus inherently evil. Are you sure you can manage the job? I like the sound of your mother already. I wish mine had similar taste. But then again, I also wish my father didn't write romance novels," he stopped suddenly - inwardly alarmed at the amount of personal information he was sharing. Continuing on in a smooth tone, he forced himself to manage a smile. "But you don't always get the things you wish for. I suppose you Gryffindors would say that could be a very good thing?"

"Oh, I think I'm up to the task. The Gryffindor Guidebook surely has a chapter on reformation. Not to mention I can be terribly convincing when I chose to be," she couldn't keep the grin off her face at the generalizations they were speaking in. "As for my mother, she's wonderful. But no ones parents are perfect, trust me. And, of course not getting what you want is a good thing. You have to have something to work for! What's the point if you're not suffering a little?" That last was said with mock solemnity.

"You know, the point of being in Slytherin is that I tend to avoid suffering at all costs - but that of suffering. As that would be stupid and illogically paradoxical."

"But if you're going to be reformed into a perfect angel, you're going to have to learn to suffer. Leave your old ways behind and all that."

"Oh, and what motivation do I have to do that?"

Katie's first instinct in response to that question freaked her out. And made her blush. And... oh dear. She pushed all thoughts of kissing Adrian Pucey well away and tried to act like she wasn't COMPLETELY awkward.

"Oh there are lots of, um, incentives to being good. For instance, we get halos. And we have cookies every third Friday." Okay, so instead of awkward she sounded deranged. Perfect.

"That all?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Not quite," she responded, and before she had a chance to be nervous-- or to think about it, really-- she pushed herself up on her tip-toes and pressed her lips to his. She could blame Augie and Rora and their booze later, if need be. Or Adrian, for being too damn cute.

His hands had flown to her waist because he was afraid she'd fall flat faced otherwise, right? Right. And he was kissing her back because?

Adrian's mind caught up with him and he pulled away gently. "Okay, now, that is an incentive - if meant seriously," he added with an almost undetectable hesitancy.

"It is," she said softly, looking at the collar of his shirt rather than at his face. She hadn't realised quite how much she liked him until this very moment, and it was rather scary in a way.




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