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Mystery log!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who: George and Montague, non-speaking cameo by Crabbe
Where: in a doorway, whoo
When: the Monday after the game. Yeah. THE game.
Rating: PG I guess?

"No, no, I don't think you should attempt a Bludger Backbeat, not quite yet," Montague was saying to one of his Beaters as the two of them came in after Quidditch practice. The fifth year had stayed behind somewhat after the others to ask, in not-very-comprehensible-terms, about various Beater tactics. The two of them were nearing the doors now, and Montague wondered privately if any of the tactics discussed had made any sense at all.

If you've a problem with his behaviour, take it up with him. Calmly, if at all possible.Collapse )

The Unseen Benefits of One-on-One Tutoring

Who: Cassius and Demelza
Where: Divination tutoring
When: Tuesday afternoon
Rating: PG (mild swearing. Demelza's a naughty girl :P)

OOC: ZOMG FTW! Jules and Niyki actually managed to start, complete and post a mystery log and have it up first!!!

Tuesday afternoons were usually, in the world according to Demelza Robins, lazy ones wherein there wasn’t anything pressing to deal with, and much complaining about what one ought to be dealing with instead. She wasn’t sure what set of circumstances led her to be flunked on her most recent Divination essay, but whatever it was – she was cursing it thoroughly as she stomped her way into tutoring. If all went well, it was only going to be a one-off. And bloody hell, it was going to go well.

“Well, hello, Mr. Head Boy, sir,” she greeted, letting her bag drop onto the floor carelessly.

So I guess you have me all to yourself. Lucky you.Collapse )


Who: Lucy, Hagrid and a cameo by Susan (both NPC'd by me)
Where: Hagrid's hut, then Hufflepuff
When: Saturday morning
Rating: PG (language)

The blanket of snow that stretched across the grounds of Hogwarts had only gotten thicker over the course of the week. Lucy Montgomery, wrapped up tight in her school scarf and heavy coat, pushed open the great and heavy front doors of the castle and slipped outside. The scene before her may have been viewed as bleak, by some, and beautiful by others. For once in her life, Lucy was far too distracted by matters that pressed on her mind to really give a care one way or another.

Arthur wasn’t the slag of Camelot! And if I ever find out which cat Sir Lancelot was…Collapse )


Who: Angelina, Montague, and a cameo by Barney at the end
Where: Quidditch Pitch, then Hufflepuff Changing Rooms
When: Late Saturday Night - Sunday Morning
Rating: PG-13 for angst and brief violence and questionable activities in Hufflepuff Changing Room and implied sexual situations and traumatised Barney. Sorry, Barney! We love you!

Please don't cry...Collapse )
Who: Katie Bell, Kenneth Towler and Melinda Bobbin. Plus OC, Susannah Caligo.
Where: Empty Classroom
When: Thursday Evening
Rating: G. Surprisingly non-violent given the house allegiances of those present.


NEWT-level Astronomy tutoring, not unlike the corresponding classes, were fairly small in size and quietly organised. Seated at a few desks in an empty classroom were three students, while the Prefect in charge of the tutoring session stood at the chalkboard, quietly explaining the differences between different types of black holes as a piece of chalk charmed to transcribe her words copied down notes in a neat script on the chalkboard. Susannah Caligo paused to let the attending students catch up on copying their notes, and glanced at each in turn. "Well, any questions thus far?"

It's only a stupid game.Collapse )

In Which Adrian Wins A Favour - Again

Who: Adrian Pucey and Katie Bell
Where: Quidditch Pitch
When: Tuesday evening (backdated like whoa)
Rating: U

Katie Bell had several things to ponder as she walked towards the Quidditch Pitch on Tuesday evening for her one on one with a certain Adrian Pucey. The first was her upcoming match against Slytherin house. The second was her intense annoyance with most of the members of Slytherin house. And the third? The third was what the hell she was doing offering to play one on one with one of her opponents from, you guessed it, Slytherin house! She decided it was better not to ponder such things, actually. Adrian wasn't a git and she could play Quidditch with whomever she wanted to.

Adrian was seated on the stairs of the Slytherin stands, broom laid across his lap, and house scarf hanging around his neck - surveying the weather conditions. He was no meterologist, but it was a little more windier today than would have been ideal for mid-Autumn. Shrugging back his shoulders, he looked up to see Katie arrive. Getting to his feet, he walked over and smiled.

Very kind of you to let me go first seeing as you’re the birthday boy and all. But I shan’t argueCollapse )


Who: Alicia, Angelina, Montague and Chris, plus a few OCs and NPCs
Where: The library initially, and hospital wing later
When: Thursday afternoon
Rating: PG-13 for dubious poetry (courteousy of D.H. Lawrence and Wordsworth)

* *

Alicia was reaching for her inkpot when she felt something hit her on the backCollapse )
Who: Verity and anyone else who decides to come to her party... and she says that ought to be EVERYONE and they ought to bring gifts.
Where: Ravenclaw Common Room
When: Saturday Evening
Rating: Let's keep it PG-13 here people.

Verity bounced into the Ravenclaw Common Room (which had been beautifully decorated by Terry, Stephen, Altair and herself earlier that day-- oh, the beauty of having boys who allow you to pout and say But it's my birthday! to get them to do things.) She was wearing a pretty blue dress and a big smile. Being 17 was going to be so much fun! And some people might even bring presents, Verity looooved presents!!!!!!!

She skipped around the Common room straightening things and waiting for other people to arrive.
Who: Fawcett and Stebbins (with special cameos by Ernie Macmillan and one Verity Jenkins)
Where: Fawcett's room and the corridors of Hogwarts
When: Wednesday evening
Rating: PG (or PG-13 for some mildly steam-inducing moments)

The last person in the world Fawcett wanted to share patrol duty with was Stebbins. Admittedly he wasn't as odious as Malfoy or Parkinson, but the humiliation she was bound to experience when he finally got his arse out of a hospital wing bed and resumed prefect duties outweighed any personal defects the other two might have. However, Ernie Macmillan was doing his bit to make her almost welcome his seventh year housemate's return.

Why on earth was he acting like a kicked dog when he was the one who had been such a prat and going on about cake in the first place?Collapse )

OMG Love Doctors?!

Who: JD and Roger
Where: Ravenclaw Common Room
When: Sunday after the pool party
Rating: PG

I think that the mention of my name signals a cue to end the ill-fated attempts to play matchmaker.Collapse )